Team Surge™ is a proprietary hosted solution that helps organizations grow faster, increase retention and increase profits. It can be deployed both as a private label offering or as a fully integrated solution inside our clients' back-office software.

TeamSurge focuses on three pillars of teambuilding: unified team communication, personal marketing systems, and distributor training.

Pillar 1: Unified Team Communication

Organizations stagnate and die without constant communication from their leaders. That's why we've integrated a Unified Team Communication platform into TeamSurge. Unified Team Communication provides 4 separate and distinct channels that allow leaders to communicate with their entire team at any time, keeping them motivated, up to date on team events, and properly trained. Clear, frequent, high-touch communication dramatically increases distributor retention and production.

Pillar 2: Personal Marketing System

The #1 reason people stop recruiting is they have run out of prospects to talk to. Without a way to constantly generate new prospects, your team members will not grow. That's why TeamSurge includes a Personal Marketing System that turns distributors into marketers by providing the tools they need to be effective in the field. It includes a suite of online marketing tools to generate a consistent source of distributor and customer prospects through online marketing and social media. It includes a suite of offline marketing tools to generate a consistent source of local distributor and customer prospects through simple advertising methods. And it includes a third set of distributor management tools to help distributors manage their prospects, automate drip-marketing campaigns, and have access to special recruiting-oriented websites and videos.

Pillar 3: Distributor Training Platform

If the #1 reason people stop recruiting is because they have run out of prospects, the #2 reason they stop recruiting is they don't know what to say or do with the prospects they have. That's why we've spent years coaching and training distributors in field-tested, proven methods of talking to prospects, recruiting them, and getting them started. As a result, we've built an extensive, generic training resource center to help distributors succeed. We've also established a self-study course that has been proven so effective we now guarantee distributors' recruiting or refund their money. Our integrated Distributor Training Platform can be deployed with our proven training, can be custom developed with your specific training for your team, or both.

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Sample systems

  • Screenshot of a custom system.
  • Screenshot of Presentation Site