Privacy Policy

It is Success Products, Inc ("SPI") dba GrowthPro® and dba Synetech® policy to respect the privacy of its subscribers. SPI will not monitor, edit, or disclose any personal information about you or your account, including its contents, without your prior permission unless SPI has a good faith belief that such action is necessary to:

  1. conform to legal requirements or comply with legal process;
  2. protect and defend the rights or property of SPI;
  3. enforce this Service Agreement or protect SPI's business or reputation, including without limitation upon termination, cancellation or suspension of this Agreement by SPI;
  4. respond to a request for identification in connection with claim of copyright or trademark infringement by you or a claim by a third party that you are using the Service in connection with an infringing, illegal or improper activity; or
  5. act to protect the interests of its subscribers, affiliates and others.

SPI's Service transmits your name and email address with each message that you send. You agree that SPI, and its affiliated contractors, may access your account, including its contents, as stated above or to respond to service or technical issues.